About Me

i like people


working with them, collaborating 

with them, talking with them, 

sharing with them; most 

  all of them are superheroes...

i like baseball


baseball may have lost its 

standing to football as america's 

game, yet its iconic terms 

continue to positively 

 populate every day speech...

i like work


i like the challenges of learning 

associated with creative tasking; 

i even enjoy dreaming 

about it...

Frequently Asked Questions

how did you get started?

got on a bus to cleveland's 

main library from the outskirts 

of town at age 12 to find out 

how to screenprint...

by age 14 i was printing 

one color iron ons for a suburban 

sporting goods store

your first full-time art related job?

rendered perspective drawings 

of kitchen and bathroom 

designs for the william l. purdy co. 

d.b.a. higbee's design center...

worked there during filming of 

a christmas story

where did you get your confidence?

always seemed like sign making 

would be a great job...

kal the signman took a chance 

on me, showed me new tools

and techniques then let me 

have a go at every job 

that came into his shop